5% AT 5, 10% AT 10 AND 15% AT 20

As a thank you to anyone who is booking a lot with me during a single season I am offering discounts.  5 full days will receive a discount of 5%, 10 full days will receive 10%, and 20 full days will receive 15%.  Each full day can be made up of shorter lessons, with 6 hours being taken as equivalent to 1 full day.  This offer is valid for summer and winter.  You can also book 1 session at a time and still benefit from this offer, and the discount will apply to any subsequent sessions that you book through to the end of the season.


I really want to make sure that I show how much I appreciate it when clients recommend me to other people.  To show this I am offering existing clients credit towards future lessons for any recommendations that result in bookings.  This credit will be for the value of 10% of the initial booking that comes from the recommendation.