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My aim is to do my best for my clients, but if at any point there is an issue please communicate that with me as soon as possible, so that I can try to find a positive resolution.


Payments and cancellations
Payment must be made in line with the dates listed on the invoice that will be sent at the time of the booking.  If these payments are not made on time the booking will be forfeited, and will be treated as a cancellation in terms of any refund that may be due.
Refunds for cancellations will be as follows for all weeks apart from peak ski weeks, and will be based upon the amount of notice given before the start of the first session in the booking (each week of lessons will be considered as 1 booking):
                Less than 48hrs = No refund
                Over 48hrs but under 14 days = 50% refund
                Over 14 days but under 28 days = 75% refund
                Over 28 days = 100%
The cancellation policy for peak weeks is that any cancellation between 7 and 28 days in advance of the lesson will receive a 50% refund, and any cancellation below 7 days will receive no refund.  

COVID-19 cancellations - Any cancellation that has to be made due to a lockdown in Switzerland that prevents inward travel, or makes it impossible for the activity to take place, will be eligible for a full refund in CHF.  If you have concerns about any other types of cancellations due to Covid-19, such as prohibitive quarantines when returning home, please contact me directly, and I will do my best to provide you with a specific cancelation policy, in writing, that suits your situation.  

Any lesson / session that is cancelled but then sold on to another client will be refunded minus any difference in lesson prices.
Any amendments made to bookings will be subject to the cancellation policy unless agreed upon with Mountain Relish.

Equipment and lift passes
Suitable equipment for the activity being undertaken, and for ski lessons lift passes, are obligatory and are the responsibility of the client.  Mountain Relish reserves the right to adapt, or even treat a lesson as a cancellation, if unsuitable equipment causes a safety risk, and no suitable equipment can be found.  This will include, but is not limited to, off-piste clients without avalanche safety kit, or children skiing without helmets. 

If more information is needed with regard to what constitutes suitable equipment for any activity please contact Mountain Relish.

Meeting points for lessons will be agreed at the time of booking.  If a client will be more than 40 minutes late for a lesson they must contact Mountain Relish by phone call to confirm a new arrival time.  If after 40 minutes a client has not arrived for their lesson, and there has been no phone call, it will be treated as a cancellation.
If a client has a child booked in with Mountain Relish and they are more than 15 minutes late to pick up their child a fee of CHF 50 per half hour will be charged.    

Unused sessions, lift closures and insurances
Mountain Relish does not accept any liability for accidents that happen during a client’s time with us. Clients should insure themselves for third party liability as well as personal, medical and rescue insurance that covers any activity that is being undertaken (e.g. off-piste skiing where applicable) with a licensed and reputable insurer. Mountain Relish does not insure its clients.
No refund will be given for unused sessions due to clients’ late arrival, illness, accident, adverse weather or other cause outside our control. The exception is that if a ski lesson cannot be taken due to complete closure of the lift system the client will have the choice between trying to arrange an alternative or being refunded 100% of the lesson cost.
In the event of accident or illness of the client, and assuming that the client has suitable insurance cover, Mountain Relish will assist with any documentation required for the insurance claim.

It is the responsibility of the client to communicate to Mountain Relish any medical conditions, previous injuries, or dietary requirements that may impact the activity being undertaken.
Any agreement that differs from the stated terms and conditions must be agreed in writing directly with Mountain Relish.  
These terms and conditions will also apply to any subsequent sessions that are booked during a client's stay in resort.
Mountain Relish reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any point, but the terms and conditions listed here at the time of booking will apply to any reservation.
In the event of a dispute Valais law will apply and the venue will be Sion.

Payment of the invoice signifies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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